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    We bring in the best talents and the latest call center technology to deliver excellent service to your customers.

    Best value custom-fit customer service outsourcing services with a consultative approach.

    ISO-certified services following strict international guidelines in handling sensitive customer information.

Why Outsource Customer Service to a Call Center?

Our goal is for your business to achieve high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. A Pakistan & U.A.E customer service call center with many years of experience, we provide customer care outsourcing services that strengthen relationships and boost business growth.

Competitive Customer Service Cost

We offer customer service solutions that fit your budget and specific requirements.

Call QA & Monitoring

Our Quality Assurance team regularly checks and monitors calls to see maintain the quality and integrity of your account.


Smooth Business Transition

With our streamlined onboarding process, we guarantee you of a smooth transition from in-house to offshore. We prepare everything from recruitment to training, quality assurance to implementations.

Engaged Customer Service Reps

To bring out the best in our candidates, our certified trainers conduct rigorous classes that cover basic and advanced practices in the customer service industry and the specifics of your business.

Cloud-Based Call Center Software

We have extensive experience on using various software such as Bria, Five9, FreshDesk, ICBM, RingCentral, ViciDialer, and Zendesk. Since its cloud, nothing is lost.

Consultants On Demand

Need help with your account? It can get frustrating you do not get the results you need. Magellan provides free consultation to aid you to take your business forward and further improve your customer support experience, adding more value to your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Customer Service Outsourcing?

It is the sub-contracting or outsourcing customer service calls functions of a business to a third-party company, usually to a call center. It is available for both voice (phone calls) and non-voice (live chat and email) operations. Currently, the biggest customer service outsourcing destination is Philippines.

Customer Service Outsourcing Pros And Cons

Outsourcing of customer service has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. To determine if you should proceed to this business activity, you should first weigh the customer service outsourcing pros and cons. In general, it helps you in the following aspects:

  • Answer all inquiries and resolve your customers’ problems
  • Enhance your customers’ experience
  • Facilitate good customer interaction to cultivate better relationships
  • Access to full time support agents who are knowledgeable and skillful in customer care
  • Faster and more accurate service delivery
  • Affordable call center solutions

Customer support outsourcing services, however, sometimes requires a trial and error process. There’s a chance that you cannot find the right company at the first try. You have to keep on looking until you find the service provider that meets your preferences.

What You Should Know Before Outsourcing Customer Care

This is the rule of thumb: be extra careful when outsourcing. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when short-listing (and eventually choosing) the best customer service outsourcing companies:

  • Clean and competent track record
  • Competitive pricing
  • Service quality
  • Industry experience

Customer Care Outsourcing Pricing

Call center outsourcing is cheap, with regards to the benefits that you acquire from availing of this service. We compute our costs based on these factors:

  • Number of seats
  • Expertise of agents
  • Length of contract
  • Labor market rate
  • Existing laws regarding the services which are requested
  • Other additional services such as business emergency plans, etc.

Customer Service Outsourcing For Small Business

Business Connect call center customer support services are great for small businesses because we are a small business ourselves. We enhance our team members’ customer service skills to bring you desirable results.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Invoice inquiries
  • Balance inquiries
  • Order tracking and fulfilment
  • Customer care support
  • Inbound sales support
  • Billing support
  • Replacements
  • Account management

Customer Service Outsourcing In Pakistan & U.A.E

Its huge talent pool of skilled workers, full government support, favorable outsourcing-related laws made the Pakistan & U.A.E a top choice for customer service capabilities. Improve your CSAT scores by entrusting this service to a Pakistan & U.A.E call center – Business Connect, the only choice for small businesses.

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